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How we started..

On 1999 my wife and I were thinking of a way to start a project glorifying THE LORD through helping needy, unemployed and displaced families make their basic living in decent way and share the Gospel of our LORD JESUS CHRIST with them, besides helping our selves make our living too.
At that point we started OrientCrafts with a very humble start in home business, which is now a project producing quality HandMade NeedleCrafts with Christian and traditional designs inspired from Middle Eastern and international cultures.
At point when started we committed our selves before the LORD to use part of income to Glorify HIS NAME through providing and distributing Holy Bibles and other Christian stuff, besides meeting emergency needs of needy families inside or outside of our project, also providing food boxes and relevant help to families in crisis.
After acheiving good success here in Jordan, we have launched this web site and reached with GOD'S blessing more parts in the world, supplying Church comminuties and customers with our quality needleworks products, like America, Spain, Ireland, France.

How we work with families !?

First step when a family shows interest to join our project, we talk together to creat a view about, then family is added to training course till they reach our standards of quality and professional skils.
After that stage, we start giving them needlework to do by hand, and provide all materials, then pay them when they have work done.
We also reward those who prove to be well qualified, skillful and sincere to work.
We try to help them when going through spritual or living needs, besides building a close brotherhood and friendship in LORD CHRIST'S NAME.