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Dear OrientCrafts
My wife and I agreed each other that our 2002 Christmas should be decorated only by your charming crafts, and we found our choice was right and succesful!
The designs of cushion covers and small orunaments that we bought are wonderfully oriental and refined, but also we have been touched whenever we see your delicate selection of colors!
I think such a sense or taste of colors is rather natural-born as some visual artists confess.
As we look forward seeing your coming products.
Thank you for your sincere deal as well.
Seiki and Hiroko / Japan

Hear are my comments for your Web Site:

When I decided to buy pillows for my living room, I didn't realize that I was buying art.
With Orient Crafts, I was able to mix and match designs, choose the colors, and work with the artisans to create truly unique accent pieces.
Yet even though I had been a part of the process, I was unprepared for the final product - which is astonishing!
The workmanship is first class, the attention to detail is exquisite (you have to see the borders!), and the total effect is beautiful.
Best of all, every time I look at these pillows I remember the family who created them.
Eileen Kelly Burkart
US Embassy - Amman, Jordan


The products of OrientCrafts are very smart and are very well finished, in few words : they have quality.
Eduardo Otero
General Manager of Dreamsfantasy