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Hand Stitched Counted Cross Stitch Three kings Table Runner
Counted Cross Stitch Three Kings Table Runner
Counted Cross Stitch Quality handMade needlework of Three Kings Table Runner, made from Aida canvas & DMC cotton threads, for Christmas and many occasions over the year.
Great to give as gift, besides it is a good selling item if you have a needlework store.
This counted cross stitch handmade needlework product is hand stitched with pride by OrientCrafts skillful and well trained handmade workers who are trained and qualified by our trainers and experts of quality handmade needlework.
We hope this needlework product which is produced by OrientCrafts quality handmade needlework of counted cross stitch and long stitch or embroidery products store will meet your satisfaction.
Dimensions: ~118X38cm.

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